Kevan Jones is extremely knowlegable in defence, but who is Kate Hollern

Who takes over the very important Shadow Armed Forces Minister role?

A quick search on and shows:

All she has done was sit on the armed forces committee. She has said anything or written anything in parliament relating to “defence”, “military” or “armed forces” at all. Nothing on Syria, or Iraq, or present day issues or “Trident”. Oh Member, Armed Forces Bill Committee (since 26 Oct 2015). That helps.

See her voting record

Her Spoken material

and her Written Questions

Oh wait: Kate Hollern voted to decline to authorise UK military action in Syria

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Corbyn’s defence team

This site and owner is apolitical in British politics but I can’t just can’t help writing about beardman Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Defence frontbench.

Shadow Defence Secretary: Maria Eagle.
Formerly Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs for this whole week starting 14th September 2015, she has only tweeted one defence-related tweet and not asked a single written parliamentary question about defence. Her record shows she did ask very very rarely about defence issues and was a supporter of the 2003 Iraq War and the 2011 Libya intervention. And is, especially for the media, a support of the nuclear detrrent, aka ‘Trdent’. Still this current record shows nothing of value.

Kevan Jones–old timer from Miliband defence frontbench. Pro-nuclear deterrent and what’s more, pro-military. But he’s not the boss and lost a great boss named Vernon Coaker. Possibly stays as Shadow Minister for the Armed Forces.

Toby Perkins. Former Shadow Minister (Business, Innovation and Skills). Apparently he has asked some defence-related questions in the past. What role will he have? Shadowing Mark Lancaster?

Rachel Maskell. She’s a real newbie, never had a front bench post, only served on the health committee. This doesn’t sound promising.. She has asked about arms slaes and the military covenant. What’s more, she’s signed an Early Day Motion (EDM) regarding the upgrading on HMNB Clyde or Faslane. So she’s against the nuclear deterrent.

Here you are ladies and gentleman, you Corbyn formed, Eagle-led Shadow Defence team.