British Army Army 2020 Refine Orbat

Army 2025 ORBAT 

Note: This ORBAT goes right down to company or even platoon/troop level, revealing all possible units in all battalions/regiments/brigades as they are currently named. I can’t find the names for some units, so any help with official sources would be appreciated. Army 2020 Refine is evolving, so some of the units names/positions stated may change.

Army 2020 Refine Orbat


  1. Some of the information stated has been obtained through FOIA requests. Email me if you want to know more).
  2. Many links are outdated; don’t shoot the messenger! Overtime websites have been changed or removed.

More Notes:

The “Army 2020 Refine” location changes, unit changes and equipment changes are in purple and bold.

See also this FOIA answer (not by me!) Some unit changes and equipment changes in Army 2020 Refine.

See also this Force Troops Command Overview and Brigades Media File and this updated handbook as of 2019.

and this supposedly official document Army Capability for the Future (from not, so could be unofficial or created by bloggers).

Again this is far more accurate than some other defence commentators.

Note: The URLs in the PDFs may be broken or outdated. It’s not my fault; the armed forces and their external hosts constantly change their website or remove information.


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