British Army Army 2020 Refine Orbat

Army 2025 ORBAT (some parts are incomplete):

Note: This ORBAT goes right down to company or even platoon/troop level, revealing all possible units in all battalions/regiments/brigades as they are currently named. I can’t find the names for some units, so any help with official sources as proof would be appreciated. Army 2020 is evolving, so some of the units names/positions stated may change. This excludes the training/band units and units that may be part of Army Headquarters, Andover, or the main MOD building.

Update: I’m posting it as a PDF (self-created) since the list is extremely long.

With the release of NSS and SDSR 2015, I’m calling this Army 2020 Refine now.

Army 2020 Refine Orbat Jan 2018

(some of the information stated has been obtained through FOIA requests. Email me if you want to know more).

More Notes:

The “Army 2020 Refine” location changes, unit changes and equipment changes are in purple and bold.

See also this FOIA answer (not by me!) Some unit changes and equipment changes in Army 2020 Refine

See also this Force Troops Command Overview and Brigades Media File

and this supposedly official document Army Capability for the Future (from not, so could be unofficial or created by bloggers)

and this ORBAT for 16 Air Assault Brigade (minus the AAC Attack Helicopter and support regiments, now moved under Joint Helicopter Command while 16AA goes under Commander, Land Forces .)

16 Air Assault Brigade 2025 ORBAT

Again this is far more accurate than that Gabriel64869839 guy!. It is my FOIAs which give him his facts and his posts are mostly rumours.

NB: There is no clear reference that 36 Engineer Regiment is known as “36 Engineer Regiment (Search)” unlike what Gavbadger on wikipedia says.

PS Wikipedia Drmies can go fly kite as well.


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