About this site

This personal site is not affiliated with the British Armed Forces (any branch), the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) or the government. It aims to be much different than “traditional”, “so-called” “military experts/bloggers”. This site believes that nuclear weapons and the whole theory of nuclear deterrence is slightly flawed and that defence is not just achieved by hard, military power but by hard and soft power (ie. development aid, or Official Development Assistance (ODA), aka foreign aid, which  “traditional” military bloggers hate.

This Site is not like the UK Armed Forces Commentary guy, Gabriel64869839, or untrustworthy sources. That foul-mouth, cursing-Christianity Italian knows nothing about international relations and military strategy whatsoever. He constantly breaks OPSEC, thinks money grows on trees and should be jailed. It is MY FOIAs which allow him to post his rumour-filled posts. Neither is the apologist for the coalition government, the thinpinstriped line guy who is a lunatic himself. Also do not trust the Official Development Assistance (ODA)-hating website savetheroyalnavy/Navylookout, a site which takes a simplistic view on defence and hates the RAF. 


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